dreamTAP® Technical Course


The TAP® -Splint has been developped by the American dentist Dr. Keith Thornton and today it is regarded as the No. 1 anti-snoring splint in the USA. The guiding lines of the American and the German Society of Sleep Medicine (AADSM/DGSM) recommend intraoral appliances for treatment of snoring and mild forms of sleep apnoea. Numerous scientific studies have verified the effectiveness of special splints for the protrusion of the lower jaw. This technical course provides the knowledge for the fabrication of the dreamTAP® -Splint and is offered primarily for dental technicians.


André Büscher
André Büscher Dental Technician, Specialist Tradesman
1996 – 2014
Dental technician, among others at the orthodontic laboratory of Prof. Hinz, Herne

2008 – 2009
Deputy head of department for elastomer orthodontics and snoring therapy at the orthodontic laboratory of Prof. Hinz, Herne

2010 – 2014
Head of Department for elastomer orthodontics and snoring therapy at the orthodontic laboratory of Prof. Hinz, Herne

Head of sleep medicine at SCHEU-DENTAL GmbH


  • The intraoral snoring therapy / Introduction
  • Preparatory dental measures / Bite registration
  • Comparison with other therapeutical splints
  • Presentation of the dreamTAP® -Set
  • Demonstration of the pressure moulding technique with the BIOSTAR® pressure moulding machine
  • Incorporation of the dreamTAP® -parts in upper and lower jaw splint
  • Adjustment with DURASPLINT® and finishing
  • Examination of the dreamTAP® -Splint for fit und function
  • Final discussion about work results
  • Scientific studies on the TAP®-Splint


Participation only possible after confirmed registration and payment by SEPA debit mandate or credit card (no Amex).

The course fee comprises all materials for the fabrication of a dreamTAP® -Splint (including dreamTAP® -Set ), course documents, participation certificate, lunch and refreshments.

Min. 4, max. 8 participants

Target audience: Dental technicians

Course fee: € 449,– net per person, plus German VAT if necessary

Date and Place: Still open, 09:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.

Language: English



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