Our Speakers

Peter Stückrad
Peter StückradMaster Dental Technician
– since 02/2012 Certified CA® Speaker / CA® Clinical Board Member

– since 2009 Head of development of orthodontics SCHEU-DENTAL GmbH in Iserlohn

– 2002-2009 Laboratory manager in the specialist laboratory for dental sleep apnoea technology & orthodontics, Würzburg

– 1992-2002 Head of laboratory at the orthodontic laboratory of Prof. Hinz, Herne

– 1996-1998 Part-time training as a business economist in the skilled trades (BdH)

– 1986-1992 Training as master dental technician, Münster

– 1983-1986 National Board for Certification, San Antonio Texas, USA

– 1976-1983 Training as dental technician, Dortmund, dental technician apprenticeship in Germany

André Büscher
André Büscher Dental Technician, Specialist Tradesman
1996 – 2014
Dental technician, among others at the orthodontic laboratory of Prof. Hinz, Herne

2008 – 2009
Deputy head of department for elastomer orthodontics and snoring therapy at the orthodontic laboratory of Prof. Hinz, Herne

2010 – 2014
Head of Department for elastomer orthodontics and snoring therapy at the orthodontic laboratory of Prof. Hinz, Herne

Head of sleep medicine at SCHEU-DENTAL GmbH

Dr. med. dent. Stephan Peylo
Dr. med. dent. Stephan PeyloSpecialist Dentist for Orthodontics and Key Speaker
Study of dentistry at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Licence to practise dental medicine and doctorate in dental medicine

Specialist dental examination and appointment as an orthodontist

Practice for orthodontics in Heppenheim

Founding member and board member of the „Society for Digital Orthodontics“, lecturing on CA® CLEAR ALIGNER treatment and digital workflow in Germany and abroad

Dr. med. dent. Susanne Schwarting
Dr. med. dent. Susanne SchwartingDentist, Consultant for Sleep Medicine
Practice for dental sleep medicine in Kiel since 1997

Founding member (2000) and president of the German Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (DGZS) www.dgsz.de 2005-2016, DGZS-zertifiziert

Founding and Board Member of the European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine www.eadsm.eu 2004-2020, EADSM accreditation „expert level“

Certified by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

André Kranzusch
André KranzuschSoftware Consultant
1993 – 2002 Training as dental technician

2002 – 2006 Studies B.A. Social Science – Media Studies in Siegen

2007 – 2012 Project management/consulting in digital agencies clictivities & anyMOTION GmbH

2012 – 2017 CA DIGITAL – Head of Research & Development

2017 – today OSC – Kranzusch – Software Consulting

Dr. med. dent. Knut Thedens
Dr. med. dent. Knut ThedensSpecialist dentist for orthodontics
1993 – 1995
Study of dentistry, state examination at RWTH Aachen University

1995 – 1999
Doctorate at the RWTH Aachen

Specialist dentist for orthodontics, branch office in Bremen

Since 1997

2002 – 2009
Bremen Regional Chairman of BDK (Professional Association of German Orthodontists)

Since 2005
Orthodontic Consultant of the KZV Bremen (Association of Statutory Health Insurance of Dentists, Bremen)

Member of the Representative Assembly of the KZV Bremen

Since 2008
Since 2008 private/court expert for orthodontics & member of the Committee of the Federal State Dental Association, Bremen (LZK)

Since 2012
Member of the Assembly of Delegates of the LZK Bremen

Prof. Hon. Prof. Dr. med. Nikolaus Netzer PhD
Prof. Hon. Prof. Dr. med. Nikolaus Netzer PhDPhD Specialist in Sleep Medicine
Director of the Hermann Buhl Institute for Hypoxia and Sleep Medicine Research at the University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Psychology and Sport Sciences.
Senior Researcher at the Institute for Alpine Emergency Medicine at Eurac Research, Bolzano.
Founding editor of the journal „Sleep and Breathing“ published by Springer Verlag.
Dr. med. dent. Pascal Schumacher
Dr. med. dent. Pascal SchumacherSpecialist dentist for orthodontics and inventor of MEMOTAIN®
2003 – 2009
Study of dentistry at the University of Bonn

Licence to practise dental medicine

2009 – 2010
Continuing education to be admitted to practise as an orthodontist in the practice of Dres. Hahn, Hamburg

2010 – 2012
Weiterbildung zum Kieferorthopäden in Praxis Dr.Wüllenweber, Aachen

2012 – 2013
Continuing education to be admitted to practise as an orthodontist in the practice of Dr.Wüllenweber, Aachen

Authorisation to practise as specialist dentist for orthodontics

International patent application for a CAD/CAM lingual retainer and its manufacturing process, today known as Memotain®

2013 – 2015
University Hospital Aachen, Clinic for Orthodontics


Practice, cologne smiles, Cologne

Dr. med. dent. Oliver Liebl
Dr. med. dent. Oliver LieblSpecialist Dentist for Orthodontics
Since 2005
FSpecialist dentist for orthodontics with practice focussing on recent CAD/CAM technologies

Since 2012
National and international speaker and clinical consultant

Author of various articles on the topic of „digital workflows in orthodontics“

Founding & Board Member „Society for Digital Orthodontics”

Dr. med. dent. Sachin Chhatwani
Dr. med. dent. Sachin ChhatwaniSpecialist Dentist for Orthodontics
2001 – 2006
Study of dentistry

2006 – 2008
Dental practice

2008 – 2009
Continuing education in oral surgery

2009 – 2011
Continuing education to be appointed as a specialist dentist in orthodontics

Since 2012
working in orthodontic practices

Since 2016
Senior Physician – University of Witten/Herdecke

Dr. Pablo Echarri
Dr. Pablo EcharriDDS
Practice limited to Orthodontics

Director of the Master Program in Orthodontics of Athenea Dental Institute –
San Jorge University in Spain and Poland

Author of 22 books and 200 articles

International speaker in 50 countries

Practise limited to orthodontics and TMJ